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Team Meeting: Pre Show Edition

  I’m still working on the Triple League Racing Awards, I’m not even half way done, and then I’ll need pictures.  So, I don’t know when they’ll be posted, hopefully in the next few days.  Soon, though, and the winners will surprise some people.

  There is actual news this week!


  Danica News!  She tested with JR Motorsports Friday.  Okay, I’m getting tired of saying this, but I’ll repeat myself.  The Nationwide Series is not a series with much depth  of competition.  Danica should be able to do very well.  Why?  Because first, there’s just not that many full time drivers, and most of the Nationwide only full time drivers are not that good, and/or are not on good teams.  If Jr Motorsports can’t get Kelly Bires a full time ride, then there will be NO full time Nationwide only driver on a winning team.  I don’t count Townsley as a full time driver.  Junior Motorsports is just slightly behind Joe Gibbs Racing, and really tied for second with Roush.  Her equipment will be very, very good.  The only problem is  that Tony Eury Jr. will be her crew chief.  Go read this, and particurly Robin Millers part.   

  The question was posed will she do better than Franchitti, Hornish, or Villenueve.  I’d agree with Miller, Yes.  Villenueve, he was running an unfunded Bill Davis Racing Sprint Cup team, and anyways, Villenueve’s commitment and drive have been under suspicion for a while.  Hornish and Franchitti both jumped into the deep end with Cup, and while they did run a few Nationwide races, Danica will have three years of that before having to make a decision.  Team wise, you can’t compare it, and Danica will have a ton of backing from the Hendrick camp, they will give her everything she needs to succeed, and any advice she wants.  The best team in NASCAR will give her the best chance to be a winner.  So while I would be very concerned if she were to try and move to cup next year, Nationwide is just not that hard. Yes, the cars are different, and yes, the short tracks might be her biggest problem, but otherwise it won’t be that bad. 

  Final Danica point, some people say that Danica will be roughed up on track by drivers who either don’t want to be beat by a woman, or drivers who are jealous.  Maybe a few will, but I don’t think it will be that big of issue.  First off, how many drivers are going to risk their own shot at success by taking down Danica?  Secondly, and this hits conspiracy theory territory, but do you honestly think NASCAR will allow that?  I’m guessing the sanctioning body will take a pretty dim view of intentionally wrecking Danica.  Third, Danica is known for her temper, so, things could get bad, but I don’t think you want to be on the other side of a Danica attack. Fourth, Dale Junior, when at Charlotte a couple years ago Keselowski was hit by Hamlin under caution, Junior retaliated to Keselowski, so anyone doing that would risk the wrath of Junior, and in turn, Junior Nation. 

  Final(really) Danica point.  I really am annoyed at Jeff Gluck and the whole group of NASCAR writers who think Danica’s going to fail at Nationwide/ARCA!!!!!!!!  If she were jumping straight to Cup, that would be different, but she’s not. 

  Time to move on.  Kyle Busch announced another poorly kept secret.  He will start a brand new team in the Camping World Truck series.  Two trucks are for sure going to be full time, one for Busch and Brian Ickler, and another for Tayler Malsam.  A third full time team is possible for Johnny Benson if sponsorship can be found.  First off, it is a seriously big team, I’ve read it’s a big garage he’s got, lots of stuff, and good people working for him.  Secondly, I really hope Benson gets a ride with them, he deserves it, and having the reigning champion without a ride the next season really hurt the Trucks credibility.  Third, I still think the top end of the Truck Series should merge with the Nationwide, and the bottom end should merge with Camping World East/West. 

  Brian France is not going to be able to keep the details of his divorce secret from the public.  The question is, will it get covered?  I know many NASCAR writers have said they won’t, while many bloggers will.  Will I?  I don’t know, depends if it’s interesting/relevent to NASCAR’s issues.  RE: if he’s a drug addict/alcoholic, or something that could explain his insanely poor plans for NASCAR.  I think anyone who covered the Jeremy Mayfield case HAS to cover this.  I’m looking at Rowdy, which one of the members on the podcast today said they will not cover it, despite covering Mayfield, and some of the other “personal” stories.  Like Mosley, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person…

  Milka Duno is going to test for Braun at the ARCA test.  That is depressing.  On the Braun thing, they are planning to expand to a four car Nationwide team, but I have a bad feeling that will mean Start and Parking or ride buying.  I’d rather see them run 2 proper cars then 4 half A**ed cars.  Also, please stop referring to Milka’s Grand Am and ALMS wins, they came because of her teammates, and in no way reflected any skill.  Plus, I think they were GT races, and that meant Gentlemen(or, Gentlewomen, I guess) drivers. 

  Sadly, both Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch may start trying to run the full time Nationwide season.  Why does probably the biggest threat to Jimmie Johnson want to waste his time/luck/energy beating 10 real cars and a bunch of field fillers?

  Steve Addington is going to go over to Penske and join Kurt Busch.  Good luck to him, out of the frying pan and into the fire.  But, I’d warn the Busch brothers to be easier on crew chiefs, because it’s not good to have a high turnover of crew chiefs. 

  Budwiser Shootout eligibility status has still not been set.  The whole reformatting of it sucks, and I really want it to go back to the old pole sitter format.  So please, please just make it the Coors Shootout!

  Ethonal may be used in 2011, although I’d hope they fix the COT racing problems and then add fuel injection and THEN do Ethonal.  But really, if your going green, is ethonal the best choice? 


  De Farren’s Team looks dead.   I just don’t see this thing getting off the ground, at least for next season.  That’s pretty upsetting, because I had, and I think most people had, high hopes for this team.  Miller has said he thinks a one car team is possible, although I was hoping for a competitive team, and I don’t think thats going to happen, sadly. 

  seriously, I don’t understand the fire Helio sentiment that some people have.  So what if he only won two races, he won his THIRD Indy 500.

  The whole Road To Indy development thing doesn’t make sense.  The Indycar development series ladder is broke, but I don’t see how adding F2000 AND Star Mazda works.  I really like what I’ve seen from the Atlantic series, I don’t understand why the Unified Indycar series won’t support them!

  A fifteen year old is going to run Atlantics, that shows something of the state of that series! 

  Simona De Silvestro ran a test for HVM at Sebring, and is reported to have done quite well.  Hopefully she’ll get a ride for next season. 


  The stories of Shumi’s return get louder, although I still won’t believe it until I see it announced officially. 

Renult still lingers in it’s decision about continuing or not.

  I do NOT LIKE THE NEW POINTS SYSTEM FOR F1.  I understand it may help the new teams, and I respect that. But I’ve always enjoyed the difficulty of the F1 points system to score points.

  That wraps up this weeks edition of Team Meeting: Weekend in Review.  Next up is the Triple League Racing Awards, to be posted, I don’t know, hopefully this week.