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RIP Dan Wheldon 1978-2011


Opinion: Iowa Doubleheader a Bad Idea

Iowa Doubleheader in 2012?

In Robin Miller’s latest article for Randy Bernard floats the idea of doing a Saturday Night/Sunday Afternoon doubleheader at Iowa in 2012. While Randy is thinking outside the box again (which is good), in my opinion there are too many negatives attached to the idea and there is a better solution for having two races at Iowa Speedway.

Consider This:

Backup Cars– In 2012 this could especially be a problem with few chassis being available or affordable to the smaller teams.  With the amount of crashes we saw in this years race who knows how many backups will have to be used? This could also affect teams fighting for the championship who if they crash in Saturday Night’s race would have to use a lesser car to run a full race on Sunday.

Crowd– This past weekend’s crowd at Iowa was awesome, and very good sign for Indycar in Iowa and the midwest. If two races are held on back to back days there is a risk of one race being better attended than the next. Auto racing is a lot different from other sports in that fans usually have to travel a long way to attend races,and may not be able to stay an extra day for another race.

Starting Lineup for Second Race– After the controversy at Texas with the random draw, it will irk the drivers if another gimmick is used to set the field for a race. While the draw at Texas was entertaining to the fans at the track, it took over an hour and did not translate the greatest to television.

The Solution:

Keep the Current June night race Date and Run another race on Sunday afternoon earlier or later in the season.

Nascar has added second dates to popular tracks with good attendance to great success in the past. The Nationwide Series is holding two races at Iowa this year with different dates during the season and if the first race was any indication the upcoming race should have an awesome crowd as well.

By holding a second race at different time during the year Indycar can reduce the negatives that could come about holding a Saturday Night/Sunday afternoon doubleheader. The Sunday afternoon race would be able to be an ABC race and could showcase the spectacular side by side racing and great crowds that could market Indycar to the casual fan looking for something to watch on Sunday afternoon.


Versus Name Change Not To Occur Until January 2012

Per John Ourand and Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal:

NBC executives have not settled on the name they will call Versus, but sources say their goal is to rebrand the channel on-screen by Jan. 1. A new name, which almost certainly will carry the NBC Sports brand, will be announced in late summer or early fall.

With this news any big time noticeable changes will not occur for Indycar races until the 2012 season.   It will be interesting to see what changes NBC will make once the full re-branding takes place and if races will move to NBC in the future.  Another good thing for Indycar is that Versus may be in the running for a slate of Thursday Night NFL games starting in 2012. This will no doubt help Indycar going forward, and could soften the blow of having few or no races on ESPN/ABC in the future.



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