The Brave New World of Indycar: Thought Police Takes Over

Indycar fined John Barnes, owner of Panther Racing, for making a critical tweet about the series. Apparently Indycar want’s to imitate the NASCAR Police State model of policing driver and team commentary. Awesome. Because obviously independent thoughts should not be allowed. Where do you think you are, America?  While I don’t love the team owners attempts to take over Indycar nor the drivers whining about ovals I do think sports needs real, honest emotion. Racing and sports in general are already becoming sterilized, pr driven, and scripted without fining people who dare to speak their mind. Speaking of which, where’s the fine to all the drivers who whined about the ovals? Why can Dario and Chip whine about everything without being fined? These are the questions that now, only fans and journalists can dare ask.

Also, there’s one pseudo-journalist in Indycar who want’s all fans and bloggers to say positive things because otherwise we might destroy the series. Obviously, fan complaints will just kill Indycar. NASCAR and F1 fans never complain, after all. Video game fans never ever ever say anything the least bit critical. The movie industry has no negative followers or thoughts around it. Roger Ebert risks destabilizing the film industry, right?  AMA Pro Racing’s TV deal sucks. Shit, I just drove National Guard and Yamaha away.

Sadly, I refuse to become an Indycar kiss ass. If that destroy’s Indycar, than Indycar wasn’t all that strong to begin with. This secene from Star Wars sums it up.

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