Indycar Video Game is a Reality, Kind Of

I’ve wanted to see a new Indycar video game since I started following Indycar in 2007.  I’ve seen a World Touring Car series of racing games come out, I’ve seen GT1 World Championship (In Shift 2 Unleashed) and ALMS (in Forza and GT5), and even the World Superbikes have their own racing game series. But Indycar’s been left out, aside from Iracing and some old IRL games. Now, Simraceway will build a new Indycar racing game.  It’s set to include the full Indycar and Indy Lights (all 5 of them) field and track set. Sadly for myself, and anyone who doesn’t have a gaming computer (and thus $800+) this game doesn’t appear to be coming out for the Xbox360 or PS3.  Also unclear is if this will be an online only game or if single player will be included.

FIA's GT1 and GT3 have a game presence, but Indycar doesn't

Just as worrying is who’s involved with the project.  Apparently Dan Wheldon was involved in the early stages and that’s good. However the current driver representative is Dario Franchitti. That’s a bit concerning. If Dario’s involved then should we expect a lot of rain, luck, and fuel savings but no close racing?

You can do some WRC on the Xbox360 but not run the Indy 500

That said it’s nice to get a new Indycar game, even if my odds of playing it are about 1/100. But who knows, maybe SimRaceway will work on my laptop. It’s too bad they didn’t release this game before all the ovals started to fall off…but I suppose if I ever find a copy of IRL 2005 (actually based on the 04 season) I’ll be good there.

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  1. what system are you looking for the indycar 2005 game on?

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