Formula One in Bahrain:A Story of Appeasement and Collaboration

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is infamous for his policy of appeasement towards Nazi Germany in the lead up to World War Two.  Philippe Petain is infamous for surrendering France to Germany and then collaborating with Nazi Germany during World War Two. These names live on in infamy as symbols for people who failed to stand up against tyranny and who took the easy way out rather than stand up for what was right. Bernie Eccolstone and Jean Toldt’s decision to race in Bahrain despite the protests, human rights issues, and safety concerns put’s Ecclestone and Toldt as the racing equivalent to Chamberlain and Petain. Not only is Formula One racing in Bahrain, which is bad enough, but rather than remain “neutral” in politics as they claim, they are in fact actively supporting the repressive regime. Collaboration and Appeasement, it’s policy of Todt and Eccolstone.

Todt and Ecclestone's Role Model?

Another role model for Bernie and Jean?

Worse than just racing in Bahrain is that Formula One appears to be actively supporting the government of Bahrain. One of the main justification of racing in Bahrain is that they want to stay apolitical. That is an understandable desire.  However Formula One’s involvement in Bahrain is a very political decision and is being used that way by the current regime in Bahrain. Read these quotes by the Crown Prince of Bahrain.  He obviously sees nothing political in running F1 in his country, right? There’s absolutely nothing political about the government of Bahrain’s UniF1ed propaganda, is there? Ecclestone’s quotes also show a political bias toward the current regime as well as suggesting he is as in touch with reality as Czar Nicholas II and Marie Antoinette were.  We’re talking about a guy who tried to make excuses for Hitler so that tells us some things about him.

Wise words

Formula One in Bahrain is political. The question is should we, the fans, accept it?  No, we shouldn’t. I urge everyone who reads this to ignore the F1 race at Bahrain. Don’t write or tweet about it except in derision. Maybe make-up a nickname like the Race That Shall Not Be Named or something. Certainly, do not watch it and give your ratings support towards F1.  If you really want to make an impact then boycott F1 beyond just this race.  I barely watch any F1 already so I can’t really help on this one. Really, European fans are the ones who can do the most here.  F1 is tiny in America and so whether we watch or not, whether we protest against it or not, doesn’t matter a lot. However fans in Europe can do something. Write to your members of Parliament. Send angry letters and emails to Formula One and the FIA.  The ball is in your court. Definitely, do not watch this race.

Time for a Declaration of Independence from F1 and the FIA?

Formula One is practicing a policy of appeasement and collaboration in how they’re handling the Bahrain debacle.  Strictly speaking Fromula One’s policy is closer to the collaboration of Vichy France rather than the United Kingdom’s appeasement.  Still, Ecclestone’s out of touch comments would make the man who declared “Peace for Our Time!” proud.  If Eccolstone and Todt were a bit younger I would seriously wonder if they were the reincarnation of Chamberlain and Petain. As it is, however, Todt and Ecclestone are too old to be the reincarnation of those two.  Last time a British and French leader showed this type of leadership, disaster followed. What will Formula One reap from the seeds they’ve sown following the policies of Appeasement and Collaboration?

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  1. I can just repeat myself: where were the same voices over last week’s GP?

    I do not want to be a troll, but believe me: Hitler wasn’t the worst thing that happened in WWII. Enemies and citizens alike of the former Soviet Union could tell.

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