Constant Reminders Why Life Is So Cruelly Unfair


It sit here mourning the loss of a 6 yr old I never met. Every death of a child I read about always hits close to home because, I’m a father of four. The passing of Michael Wanser stings a bit more than the others because he’s one of us. He’s part of the racing fraternity. I’m not going to sit here and write like I knew him, frankily because I didn’t. Up until the Kentucky race I really had no idea who he was. I will tell you this though, I’m sure glad I did get to know who he was.

Dan Wheldon gave him a shout out on the pre race to Kentucky and that sent me to Google. After signing up for Iron Man Mikes caringbridge page, I read his story. Like I said before it hit me hard. I have a daughter the same age as him and mentally (I know everyone does this at some point) I tried to put myself in the parents shoes and ask “so what if”. That’s a tough pill to swallow. Reading through the journal you see how strong not only his parents but Mike himself.

Although Mike has lost this battle, he has gone on to not only undoubtedly a better place, but on to inspire us to be better than we are. Mike had this never give up atittude, that amongst anything I will never forget about him.

Since Wheldons passing, it’s odd how everything gets put in perspective. I had debated writing a human interest piece that was outside the usually motorsports arena that I write about. With the passing of Marco Simoncelli in the Malaysian GP and Michael Wanser. It made me realize that in my line of work, heavy machinery and possible travels outside of my home, life is very unpredictable. Because of that I often wonder if something happens to me will my kids know how much I love them. Will my wife ever know how much I truly love her? Will my little sister ever know how proud of her I am for being a great mom? I’m sure people will tell them how funny thier dad was, or how I was a great guy. Before they do I want to. I thought about an hand written letter, but those can be lost. This way seemed the way to go.

Dear Kameko, Elyse, Charlie, Akira,

  I want you guys to know, that you mean the absolute world to me. You guys have saved my life, you have made become a better person. A person thats more understanding of lifes issues. Seeing you guys light up and yell daddy as I walk through the door after a horrible day at work, makes my worries and stresses just melt away. I will always remember the day each one of you were born. Holding my tiny babys. Well except you A.J., you were a 9lbs 4oz beast of a newborn. Now you guys have started to grow into your own niche. Two stories that always amaze me is the time Meko saved my life. I remember sitting on the couch seriously contemplating a very selfish decision. As I sat there running through the consequences, meko (she was 1 mind you) walked out of her bedroom put both hands on my face and said “don’t worry daddy its be ok”. Then just walked off. That point changed my life forever. I stopped living for me and started living for you guys. The other story is when AJ griped and yelled at me for.throwing away can tabs. I had no idea they were going to St Jude, until he told me.

Kids I love you with all that is me. Please always remember that!
                          Love, Dad

So folks there it is. I hope everyone has a better week. To Michael Wanser and Dan Wheldons family. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this. I think Dan went to help this little kid make the transition into heaven less scary for him. Dan was a father. And in the photos I have seen loved his kids, and other little kids. Call me crazy, but this is how I feel.

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