State Of The Uni…..errrr……Indycar Series


Week after week, day after day, I search the vast interweb for that next great blog topic. But the events of the past couple weeks put a large neon sign over Indycar that I could no longer ignore. For the months since joining Triple Racing League I’ve tried to stay out of the deep end of the Indycar blogging pool. I wrote stuff here and there, but now its time I take off my floaties and try and keep my head above water.

The race or well lack there of from what I’ve read at Loudon and Mid-Ohio, are sickening. I love open wheel racing. I’ve admired it since I was my youngest sons age. Heck I got to meet spin and win himself, Danny Sullivan, at a auto show in Chicago when I was four. After reading probably one of the single-most incredibly written blogs by Tony Johns, Sullivan kind of sounds like a douche. I still can’t figure out how Patrick Long, Joey Hand, A.J. Allmendinger, Ryan Hunter-Reay and others got passed up by Red Bull. Ya know, on second thought, that was actually for the better! Thanks Red Bull for being blind to talent! Ok ok ‘Dinger did race nascar for them. But c’mon that teams been a joke until this year.

One thing that looks great on the future of Indycar is the commitment from Dallara. I honestly can’t say enough, what it means to have them build a shop here and let manufactures redesign what covers thier safety tub. It’s the equivalent to a top chef making a stew and telling the other chef to take some and make it thier own. That’s huge.

Looking at some of the pictures from Anotherindycarblog the building looks really neat. Situated literally on Main St. in Speedway, In. The overall architecture in my opinion combines several ideas. Like the never-gets-old circular showroom on what looks to be an entrance. The brick part of the building looks like a modern interpretation of the main street buildings of yesteryear. Fitting that they used red brick instead of grey or any other color, since the cars will be at The Brickyard. It’s a Festival of Homages (wink wink Pressdog).

As far as drivers goes, I’m completely content with the current group. I know I know Danica is more than likely leaving. I’m sad to to see such a dominating driver who’s won championship after championship…….wait a minute. I’m glad that she’s getting a chance at Nascar truly I am. Indycar can use this as a growth. Now they won’t be known as Danica and 20 something guys in open wheel cars. The one opinion I do share with Dylan is this. How can someone who started her career in road racing, not be better than she is? Perplexing.

All kidding aside, I really hope she does well. I also hope that she attempts the Memorial Day Double. If she does win or lose as long as she finishes. I will gain a ton more respect for her.

I’ve already said my opinion on the new Indycar. I like it. I hope the car lives up to its name as being a safety tub. I’m sure Power, Mann, De Silvestro, Wilson, and Phillipe all agree. When it comes to Aero Kits, I’ve gone back and forth on this. I will say this, if 2013 will bring on some bad ass designs I’m game. I just think that IndyCar should atleast give us the fans an apology because it was promised. Maybe they have, I haven’t seen it yet though.

Brian Barnhart seems to be an extremely hot topic. Some people have called for him to go. Friends and fans of Indycar, I hear your cries and I agree. His time has come to get the checkered flag of his career at Indy. To many blown calls have ruined races. Heck even the normally reserved doesn’t speak his mind a lot Will Power even lashed out.😉

Indycar in my opinion has spiraled out of control into anarchy. The Revolution in Lybia seems more organized then an Indy race these days. I can’t say its because they’ve grown so fast publicly.  .2 in ratings 10,000 in the stands tells me something isn’t right. I’ll give that it was a rain race, and it does effect at home viewership to an extent. People think “well its raining they’re probably not racing I find something else”. Maybe?

For a series that has so many positives, it just seems they shoot themselves Barney Fife style one to many times. Once leadership changes, and a non usual winner starts winning, indycar will be just fine. Here’s to you Indycar may your future be bright and glorious. Just don’t F@*# up along the way. Now! Drink Ye Bastards –pressdog

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  1. “How can someone who started her career in road racing, not be better than she is?”

    In all fairness to Danica, her junior formula career has been decent, but never stellar. A no point was she getting the results necessary to set the world alight.
    If anything, Danica has always been a consistent racer. A winner?? Not until Motegi 2008 my friend.

      • See her road racing career is something I have wondered about. Is it the cars? Is it her talent? I mean what seems to be the root cause? I like Danica, am I a super fan? No. But I do respect what she’s done in Indycar. Which is keep it above obscurity.

      • Had it been a car thing, then we may well have seen her performance fluctuate a lot more over her career, but realistically, she had delivered much of the same throughout.
        Danica is good and does have talent, but maybe not to the level that Dario, Power, Kanaan have etc…

  2. Ive always said, give the girl some power steering and then we could really see what she was made of.

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