Milka Duno has fans, and that scares me


  Milka Duno has rabid fans.  Don’t know how she got them, as well, she’s clearly the worst driver in the league, but, it happens. As and PopOffValve found out, in there Milka articles.  Linked here and here.  Read the comments, if you take it as comedy, it’ll make your day. 

  The Indycar series needs to take Milka’s liscnce away.  She is outpaced by Indylights and even some Star Mazda drivers.  She’s in an Indycar, and is off pace by almost 5 second from the slowest other driver, Bagutte.  That tells you something.  This is inexcusable for a top level racing series, for a driver to be that off pace.  And unlike F1, it’s all driver.  Alex Lloyd isn’t doing great, but, he’s not 5 seconds off the second slowest car, either. It’s an embarrassment to the series.

  Besides, it’s unsafe.  To have a driver who’s that ridiculously off pace, on tracks that are hard to pace anyways, sets up the possibility for needless wrecks and injuries.  And before the Duno freaks start complaining about Moreas or Andretti or whoever, they are RACING, and wrecks do happen.  But Duno, she’s not racing, she’s getting in the way.

    Nicole Briscoe started a Park Milka hastag on twitter, and it started a firestorm.  Many whined that it “violated journalistic integrity”.  Of course, one of the biggest complaints is how boring the TV broadcasts are because everyone is so PC.  And, Nicole Briscoe doesn’t cover Indycar, either.  Besides, Park Milka is just stating the obvious!

  How she has fans, I’m not sure.  I really can’t understand who’d want to be fans of an international ride buyer who wouldn’t be able to win a Lights race in an Indycar.  That’s pretty bad.  She needs to drop down to like the GT Grand Am or GTC ALMS class, which is more of her speed and skill.  She’d still probably suck, though.

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  1. What irks me is the elitism that some of these so-called journalists espouse. The Milka firestorm has devolved from a discussion on her (lack of) skills to an all-out assault on bloggers. One of the “professional journalists” that responded to my article has a resume filled with two articles – both for a local bi-lingual magazine serving the Nashville Hispanic community that also has articles on gardening and restaurants…not exactly gearhead fodder.

    My question is…why do these people read the blogs, if they have such disdain for them?

    • Yeah, I know! Bloggers are “bad” because we’re not trained journalists. Great, but um, trained journalists have lots of issues too, just watch a cable news channel. They probably read our sites just to try and feel better about their own writing, that’s my guess.

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