RIP SpeedTV and!


SpeedTV and have died and been replaced by Fox Sports1. I wanted to have a full eulogy written but sadly I didn’t get it finished in time, I want to do it justice. Whatever problems SpeedTV had, and it had many, are irrelevant today. The American Motorsports Community lost a major partner today. We were better off WITH Speed than we will be without it. RIP SpeedTV. RIP You will be missed.

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  1. I watched speed channel every day so what is a gear head going to do; outside of racing the fox 1 channel sucks!!! What the hell are us GEARHEADS and HOTROD guys suppose to watch now? This Fox sports B.S. is total Bunk! The loss of Speed channel is very disappointing, and for that, a loss of A LOT of viewers!YOU TOOK AWAY THE ONLY GEARHEAD CHANNEL AND TURNED IT INTO A GENERIC PIECE OF CRAP FULL OF THE SAME THING ON EVERY OTHER GENERIC SPORTS CHANNEL!!
    American Trucker
    Battle of the Supercars
    Car Crazy
    Car Science
    Car Warriors
    Chop Cut Rebuild
    Dangerous Drives
    Dumbest Stuff On Wheels
    Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force
    KIT: An Autobody Experience
    Livin’ the Low Life
    Lucas Oil on the Edge
    My Classic Car
    My Ride Rules
    NASCAR Performance
    Pass Time
    Pimp My Ride
    PINKS All Out
    PINKS All Outtakes
    SPEED Test Drive
    SPEED Test Ride
    Stacey David’s Gearz
    Stealth Rider
    SuperCars Exposed
    The 10
    The Car Show
    Truck Universe
    Two Guys Garage
    Ultimate Factories
    Unique Whips
    WindTunnel with Dave Despain
    Wrecked: Life in the Crash Lane

    • I liked some of those shows. But I can’t say I loved the reality tv ones much. As for gearhead shows there’s always Top Gear (UK) which is good. I find Fast and Loud/Count Custom’s alright too.

    • Also, look around at some of the PBS stuff (online is a good way to go) they do have a few car related shows, or shows that feature great automobile museums and events.

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